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Marriage Made You Family Step Daughter Necklace


This step daughter necklace is such a nice way to show your love for your step daughter, whether it is on the wedding day, adoption day or any other special day you choose! Blood isn’t what makes us family, love does! And that is what this gift is all about!

These pendants and chains are made with stainless steel, which is a great alternative to silver because it won’t tarnish or rust and you can even wear it in the shower! I weld all my jump rings closed, which increases the durability dramatically. You can choose your chain length to customize it to your unique style!

Please add the information you would like included on the pendant. You can include your step son’s name, your name, and/or the date of the wedding or adoption.



If you would like to personalize the back side of this piece, please write what you would like in the space provided. If what you choose will not fit on the pendant, I will be in touch with you. Please be aware of the size of the piece you are personalizing with your request. Thank you!

Choose what you would like the included card to say. If you want something different, include it in the Additional Customizations section below.

Please write what name or names you would like added to this necklace and if you would also like a date added as well! Thank you!

Do you have additional customization requests? Submit them here. Please note: Not all requests are possible, and some may result in additional charges. We will contact you before creating your piece to discuss these details.