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Life gave me you Step Son Necklace


This step son necklace is such a nice way to show your love for your step son, whether it is on the wedding day, adoption day or any other special day you choose! Blood isn’t what makes us family, love does! And that is what this gift is all about!

This military tag is similar to a standard issue military tag with the rolled edges. It is made of stainless steel. You can choose to add the black rubber edge, or leave it off. There is also the option to have this done in wood. All three are unique and cool looks! This comes with a stainless steel ball chain for that added touch. Complete in a gift box! You choose what quote you would like for the card in the box.

Please add the information you would like included on the military tag. You can include your step son’s name, your name, and/or the date of the wedding or adoption.

This style of military tag can not be etched on the reverse side.


Please write what name or names you would like added to this necklace and if you would also like a date added as well! Thank you!

Do you have additional customization requests? Submit them here. Please note: Not all requests are possible, and some may result in additional charges. We will contact you before creating your piece to discuss these details.