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I love you 100 languages necklace


I love you in 100 languages is such a unique necklace!

How it works:

You can hold the convex side of the globe piece up to your camera on your phone to view the tiny inscription of I love you in 100 lanugages! You can do this in selfie mode or regular mode, the words will read backwards in the regular mode.


You can hold it up to a light and look through the convex part of the globe piece and read each of the tiny words! It is amazing!

You can choose a GOLD heart or a SILVER heart!

These are nickle free!

Comes complete with matching adjustable chain. It can be adjusted from 16″ to 18″.

Comes complete in a gift box with a sweet card, ready to give as a gift!

Please do not wear it in the shower or pool to keep this piece looking wonderful for years to come!

Please message me with any questions. Thank you!