Dyslexia Awareness Leaf Necklace


Dyslexia is a gift of seeing the world differently. Let these unique and beautiful leaves serve as a daily reminder that that is how someone with dyslexia sees the world….in a unique and beautiful way. For every necklace that is purchased, $10 will go directly to our local chapter of the Children’s Dyslexia Center in Freeport IL. They offer free tutoring and training!

These are REAL LEAVES that have been dipped in copper, silver, rose gold, or gold plating to make a truly stunning piece of jewelry! Because each one is a real leaf, no 2 are exactly alike! They make an amazing statement piece! The chain is made of stainless steel and the leaf is dipped in plating. Please take extra care with this piece and avoid wearing it in the shower or pool as that could wear off the plating faster.


Do you have additional customization requests? Submit them here. Please note: Not all requests are possible, and some may result in additional charges. We will contact you before creating your piece to discuss these details.

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