Baby Fox

I have not taken off the necklace since I received it it means a lot to me. My husband and I got pregnant two years ago. I lost the baby at work the day after mother’s day. Its probably one of the worst days of my life. My husband and I were devastated by the loss. We so badly wanted children. It took eleven months for us to get pregnant again. I was on Progesterone for fourteen weeks to keep our daughter. She was born December 31st 2018. After a week in the nicu we got to take her home. At Easter my father in law bought stuffed animals for her and my niece they are two weeks apart. He was going to get them both cats but couldn’t find two so her got Alice a fox. Well she absolutely loves the fox. Its all very hard to talk about. I was pretty upset after the misscarraige. What helped was talking with other women like my nana lost two sets of twins and my boss lost a baby before she had her first. I honestly don’t think you ever get over this but you learn to live with it. I take joy in all the rainbow babies that have been born in my family this year and the one due any day now they have been long prayed for.


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