Can I be your step dad?

Kim, I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing dog tag you made for me to give Aiden and let you know he said yes when I asked if I could be his stepdad. I also want to let any future customers that may be reading this know that Kim makes amazing custom pieces, has excellent customer service and will communicate with you throughout the entire process of your order. Which is something you just don’t ever see anymore.

Here’s the story of me and Aiden’s relationship:

Prior to meeting my fiancé Alicia I was telling some friends how I’d like to meet a girl that had a 5 year old. See I’ve never been too fond of having to go through the whole baby stage where you have to change diapers and do everything for them (absolutely would go through it though if a surprise baby did 
happen or if my fiancé ever wanted one). I did however want to have a kid in my life that I could raise and play with. I also always thought 5 year olds were a lot of fun. It wasn’t 2 weeks after I had told my friends I wanted to meet a girl with a 5 year old that I started dating Alicia who had a 5 year old named Aiden. Alicia and I had been dating for a little while and Aiden was starting to get curious about who mommy was dating. Alicia definitely had her mommy guard up though, which I applaud because she wanted to make sure this was a sure thing before she introduced Aiden to me. Once Alicia was ready I recommend that we take Aiden to the City Museum, as this was one of my places to go and play when I was a kid. I remember the first day Aiden came over to my house like it was yesterday. Aiden came through the side door of my house with Alicia and was walking stiff as a board with only his legs moving to walk over to sit down on my couch. I introduced myself and tried to make small talk with him, but he was too shy to get any words out. Shortly after they got to my house we headed out to the City Museum to play. Aiden opened up very quickly once we got the City Muesum and I took him up to the old skatepark they have upstairs. They’ve closed the skateboard park down to skateboarders and now only allow kids to run/slide down the ramps. Shortly after we got into the skatepark we were sliding down the ramps on our belly’s and Aiden was having me slide down the ramps with him on my lap. From that day on we’ve been buddies who do everything together and I’ve been doing my best to raise him. I’m very thankful that Aiden has walked into my life because me and Alicia won’t be having any kids of our own due to complications she’s had from having Aiden and now I’ve got an awesome kid to be part of my future family when I get married next year.


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